Dobric Design LLC is celebrating our 10th anniversary in 2019!
    Thank you to all our clients, for their cooperation and support. May your businesses flourish and excel. Wishing you all the best.


    We will create your branding and your unique style, and help you shape your messaging so you can reach your customers more easily and with more impact.


    We will help you determine which strategy will best serve you to reach potential clients and maintain existing clients.


    We are on your team. We will listen to your needs and tailor your campaign to meet them. We don't design to win design awards--we design to help our customers win business.

  • Campaigns

  • Brochures

  • Healthcare & Wellness design

    Bon Secours Health Systems, Inc.: I designed brochures, postcard and ads.



    Eurostyle Skincare: massage, reiki and skincare. I designed brand identity, website design, web banners and poster. Launch website: www.eurostyleskincare.com


    Nadina De Souza, chiropractic care. I designed brand identity, signage and promotional materials. I also directed a photo-shoot.


    Dr. Nadina

    Mobile site

    Dr. Nadina
  • Annual Reports

  • Healthcare & Wellness social media

    EuroStyle Skin Care: Facebook, Twitter & Google+ channels. I established branding and provided client branding and photo guidelines, so she can choose and upload photos to her channels, while maintaining brand consistency.

    Nadina De Souza, chiropractic care: Facebook & Google+ channels. I created branding for all channels.

  • Education

    Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation scholarship promotional and recruiting material: I designed brochure, email invitations and scholarship applicants' email updates.

    Georgia Achievement Solutions; EdTech startup. I designed a logo and a website.

    "Urban Voices": chorus singing initiative Metropolitan Opera conducts in public schools. "Urban Voices" was born after art budgets in public schools were reduced, and some art programs were eliminated. I designed logo and brochure.

    Teacher help-book, in handling conflict and disruptive behavior. I designed page layout. Illustration was commissioned.

    Math & Reading intervention program promotional brochure

    Discovery student assessment program web pages

  • Invitations: digital & print

    Pacific Resources event invitations

    Event invitations - direct mail

  • Art

    Taras Borovyk, mixed media artist. I came up with an idea that his logo should be his stylized signature, which he executed brilliantly. I also provided some design ideas for his website. Launch website: http://tarasborovyk.com/gallery.html

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