Our work and choice of clients, reflects our values. We believe in education, wellness and environmental protection.

    Dobric Design LLC celebrated 10th anniversary in 2019. We thank our clients, for their business and support.


    We will create your branding and your unique style, and help you shape your messaging so you can reach your customers more easily and with more impact.


    We will help you determine which strategy will best serve you to reach potential clients and maintain existing clients.


    We are on your team. We will listen to your needs and tailor your campaign to meet them. We don't design to win awards. We design to help our clients win business.

  • Logos

  • Healthcare & Wellness design

    Nadina De Souza, chiropractic care

    We came up with the slogan "Personal & Unique chiropractic care". We designed logo, brand identity, signage, promotional materials, and social media branding.


    Green are regular business cards.


    White are appointment business cards.


    Signage and social media

    From the photoshoot.


    Launch website drnadina.com.

    Dr. Nadina

    Mobile site and a T-shirt

    Dr. Nadina

    Alternate logo design represents client's first initials: N, d and S ("d" is always lower case).


    Eurostyle Skincare: massage, reiki and skincare

    Client had the concept of butterfly metamorphosis in mind, for her logo. She told us her clients feel reborn and rejuvenated, after sessions. We helped bring her vision to life, by designing the logo.

    We also designed website and social media branding. Launch website: www.eurostyleskincare.com


    Homepage design.


    Mobile site


    Alternate website designs


    Social media branding


    Bon Secours Health Systems, Inc.

    We designed a retirement employee education event poster. A reminder postcard, web banner and an event handout flyer.

  • Annual Reports

    We designed a set of annual reports, for a large construction company, that focuses on green building. We designed page layout and all data visualization, such as maps, charts, diagrams and tables.

  • Invitations: digital & print

    Pacific Resources, financial firm

    Event invitations, and the presentation cover slide.

    Conference paper mail invitations

    Direct mail print invitations, to a conference after-dinner party. "Rumours" was the name of the venue, a night club. Location was Hawaii. Thus, design is a play of words, and luscious greenery.

  • Education

    Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation gives scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students. Learn more, by exploring their website, in the provided links. There's a variety of options, and this organization has been around for 75 years.


    We designed promotional and recruiting material: an ad, email communication, and PDF brochure.

    Georgia Achievement Solutions; EdTech startup

    We designed logo, conference banner and website.

    Metropolitan Opera children's chorus program

    "Urban Voices": chorus singing initiative Met Opera conducts in public schools. "Urban Voices" was born after art budgets in public schools were reduced, and some art programs were eliminated. We designed logo and brochure.

    Math and reading intervention program promotional brochure

    Teacher help-book

    Handling conflict and disruptive behavior. We came up with the design for pages: layout, typography, icons, special sections, and graphics. Illustration was commissioned.

  • Mix

    Restaurant menu

    "Galia" is Slavic for galleon

    ("a sailing ship in use (especially by Spain) from the 15th through 17th centuries, originally as a warship, later for trade. Galleons were mainly square-rigged and usually had three or more decks and masts.")

    New York Public Library

    Science, Industry, Business Library or SIBL program's event. Magazine ad and an event card.

    Pycnogenol mineral medical water

    We designed packaging and adjoined brochure that sat in pharmacy fridge, plus promotional brochure, usually found on the counter, next to the register.

    Pycnogenol water is extracted from French maritime pine bark and is said to help treat bone mineral density loss. Learn more

    Personal branding

    Taras was an artist who needed an identity and a website. We advised him to create a bold, distinct signature, for his paintings, and then use it as the logo, on his website, and business cards. We designed business cards for him but he wanted something less playful and more subdued. See his work at www.tarasborovyk.com He is phenomenally talented.

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